Cleveland Athletic Academy is proud to offer a variety of training programs for hockey players looking to elevate their game and earn the privilege! Hockey players are arguably the best athletes in the world, and at the professional level, these athletes have dedicated their lives to improving their mind, body and skills everyday. We understand not every player is going to play in the NHL, however the life lessons hockey and other sports teach young athletes will help them be successful in life. At CAA, we put the athlete first, and our coaching staff prides themselves on helping all athletes reach their full potential on and off the ice. Every session athletes will be encouraged to push themselves out of their comfort zone as our staff makes corrections to help them master the skill they are working on. We believe eliminating the "why" for our athletes will help them focus on the training sessions and implement new skills into their game quicker. Every session athletes will leave with new skills, a better mind, sweat dripping and a smile on their face!

  • Summer Training Programs - CAA Training Programs will give athletes the opportunity to improve their game with the CAA Staff. We offer a variety of options for every player. Head over to the Training Programs tab to see details on all of our offerings, including Power Skating, Shooting, Stickhandling, Checking , Defense and Mite Skills. These programs will last between 3-8 weeks in length with each session building last.
  • Skills Sessions - CAA "Drop-in" Skills Sessions are an opportunity to train with the CAA staff and get pushed for a 60 minute session. We will focus on skating, puck skills and shooting.
  • Small Group Training - Small groups, big results! Put your group together and train with the CAA Staff. Small group training is an opportunity for our athletes to train with other athletes with similar skill, age or position and have a customized program for your group's needs. Programs will consist of skills training and small area games to implement new skills into game situations. Sessions are 60 minutes. 2-6 players. Cost $250
  • Private Training - Private training programs will start with an on ice player evaluation to get a baseline on the athlete's current skills and build a custom program to maximize our time with the athlete to help them reach their full potential. Sessions are 60 minutes. Cost $150. Inquiries for private trainings can be sent to
  • Performance Training - CAA Performance Training "Off-ice" is essential for every athlete to take their game to the next level. CAA staff are dedicated to impacting youth athletes through performance training, accountability, and discipline in a challenging environment. We provide our athletes with the safest and most effective, up to date education, training techniques in an engaging environment. Our training philosophy is for the maximum development of speed and power through the use of functional movements.We incorporate a wide variety of training methods through scientifically supported ground based, basic strength lifts, speed exercises, p(re)hab programs for injury prevention, mobility/stability, and sport specific training. These customized sessions are offered for individuals, small groups and teams.
  • Summer Camps - Turn up the heat during your off-season by participating in our annual summer camps. These camps provide all athletes with the opportunity to receive over 2 hours of ice each day in addition to off-ice performance training and other fun activities. CAA coaches will push our athletes to elevate their game, have fun and meet new athletes in the hockey family.
  • Seasonal Camps - Take advantage of your school breaks by spending a day with CAA! Our seasonal camps are offered around the Holidays and vary by length and age group. These are designed to help players stay active during breaks and work on fine-tuning skills for the season.

Programs are subject to dates and availabilities. Check out our social media and drop down menu links for the latest information! Inquiries can also be sent to