All players must fill out an application on our Leagueapps website and submit a $750 down payment to secure their spot for the year. The down payment will be counted towards all tuition costs. Please note that for the 2024-2025 school year, the following groups listed below will have priority for Academy seats. If you are unsure about your admission, please reach out to the Academy Director.

Group 1: U18-U14 CLE Barons Tier 1 Players (BY 06-10)

Group 2: U13 CLE Barons Tier 1 & Tier 2 Players and U14 CLE Barons Tier 2 Players (BY 11/10)

Group 3: All other players from outside organizations (BY 06-10)

Upon confirmation of enrollment, CAA will be in contact with you to go over admissions forms, payment plans, online school registration, and other necessary information as needed.

2024-2025 TUITION

Middle School Students (Grades 7-8) Full Year Tuition: $6500

High School Students (Grades 9-12) Full Year Tuition: $7500

Billet Students (August through March) Prorated Tuition: $5475

NOTE: Cleveland families who billet an academy student for the 24- 25 season can take advantage of special pricing. Please reach out to the Academy Director if you are interested in taking advantage of this discount. 

Note: Tuition covers all CAA specific on-ice and off-ice training, academic tutoring and coaching, equipment package (jersey, shirt, shorts, sweatshirt, etc) and facility fees. Tuition does NOT cover any academic tuitions (ex: K12 Private Academy), computer supplies, writing supplies, textbooks, materials, or outside tutoring.