Academic Statement

Students at CAA receive all academic education through an online platform to allow for maximum flexibility. CAA teachers serve as the students' learning coaches to help guide them through their virtual learning experience. Athletes are encouraged to use an online learning program that best serves their needs and is affiliated with their home state. Example schools we have worked with are K12, Connections Academy, Edmentum, PA Cyber, etc.


Example Schools Students Attend:

  • Stride's K12 Virtual Academy - Free, public option for most states. To find a school in your area, click here. 
  • Pearson's Connections Academy - Free, public option for most states. To find a school in your area, click here. 
  • The K12 Private Academy - Paid, private option for all students (not state specific), using the K12 Curriculum. K12 Private is NCAA certified for HS Students. Click here for more information.


Out of state/billet students are encouraged to use an online school that is linked to their home of record in order to remain eligible for graduation within their home state. If the student is in high school, please ensure the curriculum being used is NCAA certified using the clearing house website. Questions can be sent to CAA staff for assistance in picking the right school for your player.

NOTE: Any out of state player is NOT ELIGIBLE to attend an Ohio-based online school unless the family completes a guardianship transfer to the billet home. This route is only recommended if the player needs to attend an in-person Ohio public or community school. Additionally, due to federal law, foreign students are not eligible to attend any online school in the United States at this time.

Academic Standards

Students are expected to come to the Academy with the understanding that the academic responsibility is on them. While our CAA teachers and coaches will provide mentorship and guidance, students must be willing to take on the independence to ensure their work is being completed to their best potential, in a timely manner. CAA teachers will have access to a student's online Learning Management System (LMS) to check on  grades, ensure students are progressing at a proper rate, and communication with teachers is professional and prompt. Failure to meet academic expectations could result in the following: Conferences being set up with parents and/or online teachers so an individualized program plan can be made, loss of ice or off-ice time, and dismissal from the Academy.


IEP and 504 Plans

Students who are on an IEP or 504 plan are welcome to attend the Academy. Teachers and Coaches must be made aware of any special services a student is receiving in order to best serve the student and provide needed academic support. Please note the Academy does NOT provide services to diagnose or assess students who may need special services; this must be done through the student's online school and/or home school district.